Duration: 20 months (inclusive of 6 months Industrial Training)

Entry Qualification: 10th pass minimum for sitting in NCVT exam. - 
(8th pass minimum for Internal Certification & Mark sheet)

No. of Seats
: 10

Brief course contents

Semester: I
 Theory  Practical
  •  An introduction and original catering Industry
  •  Introduction to Hotel industry
  •  Food and Beverage service organization
  •  Food and beverage service staff Attributes
  •  Food and beverage service Department Equipment’s
  •  Restaurant operation
  •  Coffee shop
  •  Room service
  •  Bar –be-queue/ live counter
  •  Bill control and checking system
  •  Banquet operation
  •  Kitchen stewarding
  •  Coordination and cooperating among all departments
  •  Introduction to menu
  •  French classical Menu
  •  Introduction to service style 
  •  Guerdon service
  •  Food accompaniments and Garnishes
  •  Setting up at tables- handling of service equipments
  •  Rules to be observed while waiting at the table
  •  Hygienic handling of cuttery/crockery/ Glassware
  •  Correct use of linen- waiter’s cloth, Runner/Table cloth, Napkins.
  •  Laying and relaying table cloth 
  •  Napkin Folding
  •  Laying a cover
  •  Methods and techniques of different styles of services.
  •  Setting up of side station.
  •  Setting at room service tray and trolley
  •  Theme setting of Banquet’s,
  •  Receiving the guest, seating at the tableand serving water.
  •  Presenting the Menu and Taking order Raising KOT, BOT and  Food pick-up service.
  •  Presenting the check and accepting the payments.
  •  Inventory of Restaurant

Semester : II

 Trade practical Trade theory
  •  Introduction to Beverages
  •  Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages
  •  Wines of the world
  •  Beer
  •  Spirit
  •  Whisky
  •  Rum
  •  Brandy
  •  Vodka
  •  Gin
  •  Tequila
  •  Aperitifs and liqueurs
  •  Alcoholic and Nan alcoholic cocktail
  •  Tobacco
  •  Bar operation
  •  Beverages service department equipment’s
  •  Food and Beverages control
  •  Services of Tea and Coffee
  •  Services of Non Alcoholic beverages.
  •  Services of red wine, white wine and sparkling wine.
  •  Service of Beer, spirits, compound beverages, preparation,  service and dispensing of Mocktail and Cocktail’s.
  •  Services of Cigars and Cigarettes
  •  Services of Cheese, salad, Ice- cream and soup’s.
  •  Drawing Lay-out of Bar and Restaurant.
  •  Record keeping of a Restaurant and Bar.
  •  Situation Handling
  •  Practices of bar- tending as a juggler

Job Prospects

  •     Assistant stewards in star hotels and resorts
  •     Steward / Hostesses in Speciality restaurants
  •     Stewards in licensed bars & restaurants