Duration: 20 months (inclusive of 6 months Industrial Training)

Entry Qualification: 10th pass minimum for sitting in NCVT exam -(8th pass minimum for Internal Certification and Mark sheet)

No. of Seats: 

Brief course contents

Semester: I

 Trade Practical  Trade Theory
  •  Introducing to kitchen and kitchen sections.
  •  Familiarization & understanding the usage of equipment & tools.
  •  Proper usage of kitchen knife and hand tools.
  •  First aid for cuts & burns.
  •  Safety practices to be observed in kitchen.
  •  Familiarization, identification of commonly used raw material.
  •  Basic cuts of vegetables.
  •  Demonstration of cooking methods.
  •  Preparation of basic Indian cuisine.
  •  Preparation of different menus.
  •  Preparation of stocks.
  •  Basic mother Sauce along with 5 derivative of each
  •  Aims & Objective of cooking.
  •  Intro to Catering industry / Hotel industry.
  •  Organizational hierarchy of kitchen Department.
  •  Attributes of kitchen services personnel.
  •  Duties and responsibilities of kitchen service personnel.
  •  Personal hygienic, Grooming and Etiquette.
  •  Classification of raw materials.
  •  Kitchen organization.
  •  Salads and their classification.
  •  Menu planning.
  •  Quality control, indenting & costing.
  •  Classification of soup

Semester: II

 Trade Practical Trade Theory
  •  Breakfast preparation.
  •  Preparation & cooking of veg. dishes.
  •  Festive Menu’s -
  •  Ethnic royal Cuisine-
  •  Preparation of fish dishes and cuts.
  •  Preparation of meat dishes and cuts.
  •  Pork dishes and cuts.
  •  Chicken preparations and cuts.
  •  Preparation of sandwiches and canopies.
  •  Various type of bread, bread rolls & Bread sticks.
  •  Farinaceous dishes.
  •  Chinese.
  • One month foundation course in Bakery
    •  Preparation of: Pastries, Jam tart, Swiss roll
    •  Vegetables patties, Chocolate Eclairs & cakes
  •  Egg Structure.
  •  Method of cooking different vegetables.
  •  Larder organization & lay out.
  •  Classification of Horsdoevure & salads.
  •  Fish classification, scaling, cleaning & preparation.
  •  Butchery - cut of Beef, Lamb, Mutton & Pork, its uses and weight.
  •  Assembling of Buffet.
  •  Characteristics & types of leavening /raising agent.
  •  Food adulteration as a public health hazard.
  •  Fundamentals of nutrition

Job Prospects

  •     Assistant cooks in star hotels and resorts
  •     Chefs in smaller restaurants
  •     Set up own outlets/catering unit