1. In all areas of attendance, punctuality, dress code and general behavior of respect and courtesy towards each other and staff members, student’s full cooperation is expected at all times.
  2. Course attendance of 90% is compulsory, failing which the student may be barred from continuing with the course/examination (internal & external).
  3. Personal leaves apart from certified sick leaves are strictly prohibited.
  4. Both dress and personal appearance, such as hair- style, must conform to the requirements of the concerned trade.
  5. Smoking, chewing tobacco/pan, gambling, drinking of alcohol and taking of any form of drugs/ intoxicants not prescribed by a medical practitioner is strictly prohibited.
  6. Damages to property, however slight, will have to be compensated and paid for by the concerned student.
  7. Damages untraceable to any particular individual shall be paid collectively.
  8. Any form of theft will be considered a major breach of discipline.
  9. Students are discouraged bringing to the Centre jewellery, ornaments and other expensive items. The management and members of staff will not be held responsible for any loss of money/personal items.
  10. Students are not allowed to keep motorbike and motor vehicles within & outside the campus.
  11. Possession of weapons will be considered a major breach of discipline.
  12. Students involving in any form of group and going on strikes are strictly prohibited and liable to severe disciplinary action resulting in suspension or even expulsion.
  13. Guardians’ identification such as RC or Green Book or other related document is must for girl students for the purpose of their overnight / annual leaves.
  14. Contribution and other charges/fines should be paid on time.
  15. Students are expected to treat themselves as brothers and sisters and desist from indulging in acts of any indecent behavior.
  16. Students are strongly discouraged in giving of expensive gifts to staff members or regularly performing personal household duties and visiting staff houses for social purposes.