AN (Affiliated to NCVT)

Duration: 27 months (Inclusive of 3 months Industrial Training for eligible candidates – extendable to 6 months)

Entry Qualification: 10th pass minimum for sitting in NCVT exam. (8th pass minimum for Internal Certification & Mark sheet)

No. of Seats: 08

Brief course contents

Semester: I
 Trade Practical  Trade Theory
  •  Fundamental of electricity and its laws.
  •  Wires, cables and electrical accessories.
  •  Chemical and heating effect of electric current
  •  Cells and batteries.
  •  Basic computers.
  • Various safety measures.
  • Demonstration of trade hand tools and equipment. Practice of using trade tools.
  • Practice of different joint and soldering method.
  • Identification of different types of wire and cable.
  • Grouping of cells for a specified voltage and current.

Semester: II

 Trade Practical Trade Theory
  •  Practice of measuring instrument.
  •  Domestic wiring method and testing.
  •  Installation of different electrical fixture.
  •  Industrial wiring.
  •  Practice on earthing.
  •  Electrical measuring instrument.
  •  Power and energy.
  •  Electrical wiring system.
  •  Electrical appliances.
  •  Illumination
  •  Magnetism and electro magnetism.

 Semester: III

 Trade Practical  Trade Theory
  •  Testing of various electrical circuits.
  •  Identification the part of D.C generator and Alternator.
  •  Practice of connecting starter for motor.
  •  Power wiring for D.C and A.C motor
  •  D.C generator
  •  D.C motor
  •  Polyphase
  •  Alternator
  •  A.C circuit
  •  A.C three phase motor.

 Semester: IV

 Trade Practical Trade Theory
  • Identification of types of transformer.
  • Visit of generating station.
  • Familiarization and operation of various switches.
  • Demonstration and practice in terminating on U.G cable/ bus bag chamber.
  • Synchronizing
  • Control panel wiring.
  •  Transformer
  •  Generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power.
  •  Sub-station equipment, types of indoor & outdoor pole mounting.
  •  Under-ground (UG) cable.


1. Solar Energy

a. Solar Water Heater
b. Solar Street Light
c. Solar Home Lights

2. Sound system

3. Light Motor vehicle driving (1 month)

Job Prospects

  •     Maintenance Technicians/ In charge in Industries/ Organizations
  •     Set up own electrical trading shop
  •     Set up repairing shop
  •     Domestic and Industrial Wiring
  •     Solar Energy Technician